3 trade targets on the Rockies to fill 3 different spots

Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies
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2) NY Mets can trade for Rockies starter Kyle Freeland for some rotation depth

I’m riding the Charlie Blackmon to the Mets bandwagon and also reserving a ticket on the Kyle Freeland train, too. The Rockies left-handed starter might not be the most exceptional pitcher available this summer—if they even are looking to trade him. Nonetheless, he’s someone Billy Eppler has to call up the Rockies about.

Freeland has minor league options left and throws left-handed. This is good enough for me. He should be viewed as depth the same way Trevor Williams was when the Mets acquired him last year from the Chicago Cubs.

The Mets can simply stash Freeland in Triple-A until needed as a starter or throw him right into the mix. As the season winds down, he could even turn into a left-handed relief option. Maybe, if the Mets are feeling especially creative, he helps eat up some relief innings to limit the number of frames other starts are tossing. Keeping someone like Jacob deGrom fresh while knowing Freeland will relieve him after five innings is a very 2022 strategy that might anger some “purists” but lead to more wins.

Freeland would cost more than Blackmon in a trade merely because he is a pitcher in his arbitration years during a year where the market for players of his ability is limited.