3 trade targets on the Rockies to fill 3 different spots

Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies
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The Colorado Rockies might be able to help the New York Mets a lot more than originally believed. The greatest needs for the Mets this summer might all be available in Denver.

While one big trade for all three of these players might be a little ambitious, none of them are worth one of the best 100 prospects in baseball. A couple of arms and maybe a bat headlined by someone just within the Mets’ top ten list or outside of it might be enticing enough for Colorado to shed some salary and do the smart thing of looking toward the future.

Instead of trying to convince Colorado to hand the Mets a championship, we can settle with looking at these players as individual trade targets, maybe paired with one of the other names on this list.

1) NY Mets can trade for Rockies slugger Charlie Blackmon for DH duties

Charlie Blackmon to the Mets feels a lot more likely than it would have a few months ago. J.D. Davis and Dominic Smith aren’t cutting it in the DH role. Meanwhile, Blackmon is having a powerful year for the Rockies. He looks like an ideal DH candidate who can occasionally play the outfield—a near perfect match for what the Mets should be looking to add in this role.

There aren’t nearly as many superb DH candidates on the trade market. The Boston Red Sox stole this away when they started to win games and J.D. Martinez was no longer an option for the Mets or anyone else.

Blackmon is a high-salaried player with only a player option worth $10 million next year—but with some room to grow. He’s nearing the end of his career but could be one of those trade deadline pieces moved mid-year to add depth to an already good team. The Rockies aren’t going to win with him anytime soon. They can do him and the Mets a favor by sending Chuck Nasty to Flushing.