3 Mets who deserve a lot of credit for resurrecting the team back from the dead

The Mets are alive in large part to these three whom we didn't expect would help lead the charge.
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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2) Harrison Bader

There are a couple of hitters who have done well over the last week or so. Pete Alonso has been their hottest, but it’s hard to leave a guy like Harrison Bader off of this list. Bader has cut down on his strikeouts tremendously and it helped reward the Mets with back-to-back wins. An infield hit with the bases loaded on Sunday followed by his first extra-base hit of the season on Monday pushed the Mets from 6-8 up to 8-8 before they took a victory on Tuesday.

Over his last 5 games, Bader is 7 for 18 with only 2 strikeouts. His infield hit showed the importance of just making contact. His speed helped make his go-ahead RBI on Sunday happen. Run fast and a player might panic.

Bader still isn’t a guy the Mets should count on to regularly help them win games. Remember Patrick Mazieka? Bader is working some of that voodoo lately by being in the right place at the right time.

A part of the reason he has been able to be successful is a credit to two players he is sharing some duties with. Tyrone Taylor and DJ Stewart are equally as hot. We’ve seen the three pinch hit for one another multiple times this season. Lately, it’s resulting in big hits and Mets wins.

Let’s not discount the defense either. Bader isn’t a highlight machine in center field simply because he’s able to make difficult catches look a little more routine. It has been a really good stretch for him.