3 Reds players the Mets should already be scouting for a trade

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NY Mets Trade Target: Luis Castillo

Mahle is not the only starting pitching option available for the Mets to trade for. Luis Castillo has also been a name frequently mentioned in trade rumors, and he is a much more tantalizing option, due to his high upside.

The 29-year-old right-hander is a one time All Star, who has struck out as many as 226 batters in a season, according to Baseball Reference. Castillo is a flamethrower, who has elite velocity, and strong movement on his breaking pitches. While he has struggled with control during his career, he has dominant stuff, and has the potential to be a high-end starter for whatever team acquires him.

Castillo was injured for the early portion of this season, but now that he has built up to a typical workload he appears to have returned to form. If he can stay healthy, he can be a true difference maker to add to the front of any contenders rotation.

Due to his upside being higher than Mahle's, and having more success at the Major League level, Castillo might command a bigger return for the Reds. Additionally, with him being two years older than Mahle, the team will be more inclined to trade him, as he fits even less with the team's plans to rebuild. While the asking price for Castillo may be a little too rich for the Mets' liking, they would be foolish not to at least inquire about him and see what the asking price is.