3 reasons why the Mets should be all-in on Carlos Correa

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Six
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Carlos Correa
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The addition of Carlos Correa would give the Mets an elite player.

Despite winning the World Series, the Braves are catchable in the National League East. With a proper offseason and hiring the right manager to run the team, the Mets could be in contention next season. Adding an elite talent like Carlos Correa would only help those odds.

Players like Starling Marte and Kris Bryant make a ton of sense for New York and feel like likely targets. However, the Mets should be adding the best player in the market and that’s Carlos Correa. Of those three players, he’s the best hitter, arguably the best defender and he’s the youngest of the three. Much like the Francisco Lindor situation last winter, this is a chance for the Mets to flex financial muscle to add a star player. 

Will Correa land with the Mets, most likely, no. I personally think he’ll go to the Yankees (a team with two $30m contracts would be adding a third, something the Mets should do), but if the Mets want to become legitimate contenders in the National League, New York needs to add premier talent to the top of their roster and Carlos Correa offers the best opportunity at that. 

Let's see if they're willing to make that splash.

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