3 questions we'd ask Buck Showalter about the Mets if he was given truth serum

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3) If you could swap one 2022 NY Mets player for someone on the current team, who would it be?

This would be a fun question. Where would Showalter even go with it? I bet he’d get real clever and swap Dominic Leone for Colin Holderman or something like that.

Under a dose of truth serum, I’m not so certain Showalter would be as quick on his toes to remember everyone from last year. He’d have quick flashes of Jacob deGrom, Chris Bassitt, and maybe even a quick nightmare flash of James McCann.

Among the choices to bring back, Trevor Williams might be the one Showalter doesn’t even need an injection to admit. We can point at players on the 2023 roster as suitable enough replacements for anyone who may have left except for Williams. The Mets have mop-up men in their bullpen instead of reliable long guys. Their starting pitching depth has been knocked down with an uppercut early.

The “who” he’d swap Williams for is the bigger question. In a very “no hard feelings” kind of way, Tommy Hunter might be the guy. A far less productive pitcher this year than he was last season, Hunter’s role on the Mets is to grab a fork and eat innings. He pales in comparison to what Williams gave the team last year and even in 2021 when we got our first look.

We could all probably come up with dozens of questions we’d ask Showalter. Truth serum eventually wears off. Choose yours wisely.