3 questions we'd ask Buck Showalter about the Mets if he was given truth serum

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2) Is the NY Mets roster better with Luis Guillorme or Mark Vientos on it?

While we don’t want Showalter to ruin the way we want to think he feels about the kids, it’s important to ask him a very specific roster question. We know he really likes Luis Guillorme. Would he rather have the infielder back on the roster instead of Mark Vientos?

Since his call-up, Vientos has been used on a limited basis. Almost exclusively used against lefties, he has kind of been the DH platoon partner of Daniel Vogelbach but not really.

Mets fans have been begging for the team to play Vientos every day. They haven't, which begs a question we might want to tack onto this; why even have Vientos on the roster if he’s just going to sit?

The honest answer out of Showalter would probably be, “Yes!” At which point we’d have to go back and look at the original question and realize he would indeed rather have Guillorme on the roster than Vientos.

It’s not such an outrageous claim. When all Vientos does is ride the pine, he’s not nearly as useful as Guillorme.

The Mets have consistently made some roster blunders in terms of having the right pieces to fill every need imaginable. The high number of catchers makes it look like a fantasy baseball team that was on auto-draft and ignored positional availability.

Swapping Guillorme for Vientos works if the latter actually plays. In his first week, he just hasn’t gotten between the lines enough.