3 prospects the Mets just acquired that we're excited for the most

Which new prospects will shape the future of the Mets?
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Justin Jarvis is the new pitching prospect Mets fans need to keep an eye on

Going into the trade deadline, many fans were hoping that Max Scherzer or Justin Verlander would land them a high end pitching prospect. While that wasn't the case, the player they got back from the Mark Canha trade has the chance to develop into a key member of the pitching staff as soon as next season.

Jarvis posted a 3.33 ERA in his 14 starts in the Milwalkee Brewers farm system to start the season before being called up to Triple A. While he has struggled at the higher level so far, the Mets have a lot of time to continue his development for the future.

Jarvis has been a strikeout machine, recording the 9th best K/BB% across all of Double A. He still has a lot to improve on while in Triple A for the Mets, but getting a high ceiling pitching prospect for Canha should be seen as a win.

The Mets don't have a truly elite pitching prospect in their system, meaning Jarvis has a clear path to promotion in just a few seasons. With the team having traded away their veterans earlier in the week and signaling a rebuilding season in 2024, there is a decent chance Jarvis finds his way to Citi Field in a short amount of time.