3 Mets prospects with superstar potential, 1 who won’t quite get there

Apr 8, 2022; Washington, District of Columbia, USA;  A detail view of New York Mets hats and gloves
Apr 8, 2022; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; A detail view of New York Mets hats and gloves / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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New York Mets fans have the luxury of being able to cheer on the current team and also enjoy what the future holds for this franchise. They have a top-heavy farm system with some notable players many are hoping can start contributing as soon as later this season although next year is probably a more realistic expectation.

The Mets have been able to churn out quite a few notable prospects over the last two weeks. The most recent we can classify as a star would be Pete Alonso. Props should still be given to others who have debuted within the last five years including underdog prospects Jeff McNeil and Tylor Megill.

When it comes to evaluating prospects, guys like them can slip through the cracks. Projecting who becomes a superstar and who will fall short is never easy. Even the best of prospects are sometimes just all right big leaguers. There are, however, three Mets prospects who right now are tracking toward the possibility of superstardom and another who, while good, might fall short.

NY Mets prospect Francisco Alvarez is the easiest choice to become a major league superstar

Catchers who can hit will catch a lot of attention. The number one prospect for the Mets, Francisco Alvarez, entered the season as a top ten prospect in Major League Baseball on most lists—at least in the teens on others.

Only 20-years-old and in Double-A, Alvarez started off the year hot before cooling off. This is a season to learn a few things about himself, his game, and grow as a catcher. No panic should set in with any momentary slumps he may have. Alvarez is a good ballplayer. Like even the greatest of all time, he’s going to have his rough patches.

When it comes to superstardom, catchers with pop can certainly get there. Of course, they don’t want to end up like Mike Zunino and only have power without much else on offense. It would help if Alvarez was at least a .250 hitter.

Prior to 2022, Alvarez finished both of his minor league campaigns with promising numbers. Built like a freight train, he even showed off some surprising athleticism when he stole 8 bases in 2021.

There are parts of Alvarez’s game he has to continue to improve before the Mets give him major league innings. Nevertheless, if you’re going to expect one prospect to become a superstar, it’s this guy.