3 Mets position players who have let the team down most

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3. Mets Outfielder Mark Canha has been a disappointment

Mark Canha has really not gotten into a groove this season and just like Vogelbach, I think his days as a member of the Mets are numbered. He's just not been playing well at all this season and has seen his playing time dimish due to the strong play of fellow Mets outfielder, Tommy Pham.

Canha has only hit six home runs this season, driven in 26 runs and has batted in the low .240's at .245 for the season. And to make things worse for Canha, he's only gone four for his last 12 in six games played. Plus, Canha has struck out quite a lot so far this season with 44 at the midway point of the season.

We just have not seen Mark Canha break out and go on a hot streak and play at a high level like he did last season for the Mets when he had 13 home runs with a few of them in dramatic situations and 61 RBIs he had. With the Mets by the day looking to be more like sellers than buyers at the trading deadline unless they don't pick things up and pick things up quickly, do not be surprised if Canha is the first player to be moved. There is just no need to keep him on this team anymore if the Mets are not in contention by August and especially since he's in the last year of his current contract.