3 Mets position players who have let the team down most

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2. Mets Outfielder Starling Marte has been a disappointment

This is not the same Starling Marte who was an All-Star last season in his first year as a New York Met, what a disappointment. Again, just like Vogelbach, it did seem like Marte was starting to pick things up during the Mets past West Coast trip, but Mets fans especially the one fan who yelled, "Don't swing at everything," have had enough with Marte this season.

He only has had five homers this season and has driven in only 28 runs at the midway point of the season. Sure, he has 23 stolen bases this season which is good for sixth in the National League, but power and hitting wise, it just has not been there for Marte in 2023.

Marte had at least four home runs in three out of the six months he played in 2022 and with him only having five all year thus far. I get that he's not known for hitting a bunch of home runs, but Marte did have 16 home runs in the 118 games he played in 2022 so it is pretty shocking to see his numbers where they're right now. Plus, Marte has been pretty lousy for the Mets in the outfield on defense and his arm is something that the Mets relied on when they paid him $78 million back in 2021. It will be interesting to see if the Mets want to deal him at the deadline considering the fact he still has two more years left on his contract. Hopefully, he will have a much better second half but his season so far in 2023, has been totally different from what we saw last year.