3 Mets players who definitely won't get traded before Opening Day and 3 who still could

Remove these three from the Mets trade block and keep these other three.
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The Mets aren’t trading Starling Marte

The Mets can find someone to take Narvaez. They won't nor do they seem interested in dumping Starling Marte. Two years remain on his contract. Rather than pay him to go away, the Mets appear poised to give him another shot to do what he did for them in 2022; play really good baseball.

Marte hasn't been the same since the injuries began popping up in the final months of 2022. Plagued last season with them yet again, it showed in his performance. Marte can still run but his defense was a mess and his offense relegated him to being a singles hitter whenever he did make contact.

Marte's doubters could easily be proven right that the speedy outfielder has lost his touch and should have been dealt in the offseason. Everyone has their limits, however. Steve Cohen can’t pay every player on the decline to go away. With as much as the Mets will continue to owe Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander this year, the smarter gamble is to see what Marte can do even if it’s in a more limited capacity.

Apologies to those hopeful we wouldn’t see Marte in a Mets uniform this year. He’ll be back. Hopefully, actually on the field and looking more like himself.