3 Mets players who definitely won't get traded before Opening Day and 3 who still could

Remove these three from the Mets trade block and keep these other three.
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The Mets could still trade Drew Smith

Before tendering Drew Smith, there were Mets rumors about them looking at a possible trade. They ended up doing the right thing. You don't get rid of a reliever of his ability without getting something back in return. As down on him as we should be for last year’s performance, there is upside and there are innings for him to toss. Still, the possibility of a trade looms.

Exactly what could the Mets get back for Smith in a trade? If he is on the block, a trade similar to the Miguel Castro for Joely Rodriguez deal makes sense.

Prior to the 2022 season, the Mets and New York Yankees swapped relievers. Rodriguez became the Mets' solution to their lack of a southpaw in the bullpen. The word solution is being used freely here. He was nothing spectacular.

Although the Mets have some free agent lefties they could sign, trading Smith for one is a direction to consider. Along with this, dealing Smith who is now one year away from free agency for someone with much control works. How about a guy with minor league options? It may feel like a loss for the Mets at first glance. The trade would have a chance to age much better.