3 Mets who have been a welcomed surprise in 2024

Kansas City Royals v New York Mets
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We are well into the New York Mets season and despite not getting off to a start that they envisioned, they have been playing well as of late and it looks like some of their pieces are finally coming together. After a slow start offensively, the lineup led by the likes of Pete Alonso, Brett Baty and more is starting to heat up. Plus, the pitching overall for New York has been a very welcoming surprise as they hold the best ERA in the National League nearly four weeks into the season.

During these first four weeks of the regular season, we have seen some Mets players really step up and almost exceed their expectations after having a disappointing 2023 and a poor Spring Training. If New York wants to make it back to the playoffs after a 87 loss season a season ago, they need some under-the-radar type of performances. Luckily, these three players in particular for the Mets have been welcoming surprises thus far as we reach the mid way point of April.

1. Brett Baty

This was a critical year for third baseman Brett Baty heading into 2024, after having a disappointing season last year and an up-and-down spring, it seemed like Baty was on a short leash and with a starting job at third base not really a guarantee. Despite that pressure, the young Mets third baseman may have been feeling, he's been off to a scorching and surprising one as well.

After batting .212 in 104 games this past season he's been hot at the plate so far. In just 14 games he's batted over .300 and has driven nine runs at the plate on 16 hits. Baty also had a seven-game hitting streak as well in which he batted over .320 during that stretch as well. He has also been a lot more patient at the plate as his on-base percentage so far this season is an impressive .362.

Baty's defense has also been pretty sharp as after committing 10 errors last season, he's been much better defensively so far and in the Mets game against the Royals on Sunday, even with his day off he came off the bench and added another base hit. This is the Baty that Mets fans wanted to see ever since he homered in his first career at-bat in Atlanta last season. He's been very aggressive at the plate, he's not chasing at every pitch he's seen and he's playing great defensively. Even though it's only April, this is a welcoming sign for sure.