3 more players the Mets could trade even if they decide to be trade deadline buyers

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3) NY Mets should consider trading Daniel Vogelbach even if they’re buying

Ah, yes. Trading Daniel Vogelbach. No matter what he’s doing for the Mets, I think it’s a wise choice to move on from Vogelbach. He’s just not a great fit for the roster. Even if he’s producing well enough, the Mets need to heavily consider trading him.

Vogelbach has shown more life since his return from a brief mental health break. However, it’s not enough to justify keeping him around. Vogelbach is still a patient hitter whose approach at the plate is to draw a walk. The bases get clogged. Rallies take an extra hit to result in a run.

The hard part is finding a good match for Vogelbach. After seeing how poorly the trade to New York went for the Mets last year in trying to platoon him with Darin Ruf, would any team willing to try the same thing again?

Vogelbach has a place in the big leagues. It’s just not with a Mets club in need of much more. They’d have a couple of directions they could go with the DH whenever they face a right-handed pitcher. They could go with the three catchers and let Narvaez DH or even look for a more natural fit to the roster.

The Mets have struggled to find consistency from this spot in the lineup since the universal DH became a rule in Major League Baseball. Vogelbach doesn’t feel like the answer. The Mets can sell him to another contender while buying a different piece.