3 more players the Mets could trade even if they decide to be trade deadline buyers

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2) NY Mets should consider trading Carlos Carrasco even if they’re buying

Carlos Carrasco’s trade value is iffy at best. However, a desperate team who needs a fifth starter would certainly be willing to take on the rental, especially if the Mets eat a part of the contract. Even if they don’t, the Mets should be willing to trade one of the weaker links in the rotation.

Do the Mets have enough starting pitcher talent to get through the year? It’s debatable. When Jose Quintana returns from the IL, the rotation will feel a lot more complete. It still looks imperfect. A more guaranteed upgrade in a separate deal might help improve the Mets. In fact, they should look to find a guy with control through next season to help take over for Carrasco who is practically guaranteed to leave this offseason in free agency.

This is precisely what the Mets did with trading Vargas and picking up Stroman within a few days of each other. They don’t need to get much in return for Carrasco. Instead, the goal is to acquire a better pitcher in a different deal while freeing up the roster space.

Carrasco definitely hasn’t proven himself as a reliable starter on a contending team. A move to the bullpen is always one possibility aside from a trade. For sure, no matter where the Mets are, shopping him is something worth doing.