3 players who could be traded after Carlos Correa signs and where they could go

Sep 4, 2022; New York City, New York, USA;  New York Mets pitcher Carlos Carrasco (59) walks off the
Sep 4, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets pitcher Carlos Carrasco (59) walks off the / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
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2) The Mets may not see enough playing time for Eduardo Escobar anymore

A natural fit to get traded with Correa on the Mets roster is Eduardo Escobar. The old third baseman for the Mets would move to the bench in a trade. There is playing time for him, but maybe not enough for the Mets to justify keeping him around. Which teams should look at Escobar as a possible answer for a position of need?

The answer is so obvious. The Chicago White Sox definitely have an opening at two of Escobar’s primary positions. As either the starting second baseman or third baseman, Escobar is an improvement for them. He adds some flexibility and brings power to the lineup.

Coming up with a trade involving Escobar to the White Sox is a little more complicated. It would require another piece if we’re looking at Liam Hendriks as the trade target. Previously rumored to be someone the Mets have looked at, he and Eloy Jimenez would be the available White Sox players to target.

If it’s only Hendriks, the White Sox might accept a deal if they can add Mark Vientos or Ronny Mauricio as well. Each is expendable for New York. Both can help out in 2023.

Adding Jimenez complicates things. Escobar, Vientos, and Mauricio might not even be enough. What about Kevin Parada? Although not prepared to reach the big leagues this year, a package of Escobar, Vientos, and Parada for Hendriks and Jimenez might be something closer to completion. It does raise a question as to where Jimenez plays. Does he push Mark Canha or Daniel Vogelbach to the bench?

Canha and Vogelbach are two less likely trade candidates, but reasonable ones to look at. This last player is definitely getting moved.