3 Mets who’ve struggled to start the season and won’t recover

Among all of the struggling Mets, these three have shown no signs of coming out of their slumps.
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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3) Brett Baty

Sadly, buying into Brett Baty’s early luck might’ve left us a little broke. Baty was one of the Mets who was hitting in the first couple of weeks. They weren’t hit hard but looping line drives or groundballs that died on the infield grass were welcomed. Saving the year from being a total disaster is the fact that Baty has become a much better fielder. The Mets need him just as much at the plate.

The pressure couldn’t be higher than it is right now. Sharing a roster with Mark Vientos, Baty has to feel his teammate’s breath on the back of the neck. He has picked up a pair of hits since Vientos joined the club last week. The two continue to share third base duties with one replacing the other as needed based on the matchup.

The Miami Marlins weren’t a good enough test for either Baty or Vientos to decide much with their future. Loaded with talented pitchers having bad years, we can’t make much of Jesus Luzardo’s dominance or Braxton Garrett’s struggles.

With Baty, the concerns are accumulative. He has more strikeouts in May already than he had in all of March/April. His only extra-base hits come from the two-home run game versus the Tampa Bay Rays and then the double in the finale versus the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday. On the 20th of a month, you shouldn’t be able to specifically recall a middle of the order hitter’s extra-base hits so easily.

The Mets were relying on Baty to give the offense a boost this season. A work in progress whose playing time has already been reduced, this will be yet another year of learning for the young third baseman. How patient will the front office remain?