3 Mets players the Padres would have no interest adding in a Juan Soto trade

Think again if your ideal Mets trade for Juan Soto includes any of these three.
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2) Mark Vientos

An ex-Mets prospect who has now graduated to major leaguer in terms of service time, Mark Vientos is another one of those guys the team could be looking to deal away. It’s as obvious as it is with Parada with a twist. Vientos isn’t necessarily blocked at any position. That’s because he has no position.

A former third baseman now looking more like a first baseman or DH, his trade value is based on what he can accomplish at the plate. So far, he hasn’t done much at the major league level. He’s a .205/.255/.354 hitter in 81 games. The power numbers did finally make an appearance late last year. It hardly makes him a high-value trade candidate. Blame the lack of defensive skill and high strikeout totals.

Vientos would probably need to be the third-best player the Mets surrender in a deal for Soto. He’s an imperfect fit on anyone’s roster. He hasn’t done nearly enough to prove he deserves an everyday roster spot at the major league level even in a DH platoon situation.

The Padres should have little interest in a player like Vientos. A lower ranked pitcher on the farm the scouts like would make much more sense. What about a position player actually capable of playing the field whose bat might have upside? 

Parada and Vientos can at least make some sense for the Padres even if they aren’t on the wishlist. Completely absent is this final player.