David Wright and 3 other former Mets worthy of having their numbers retired

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3) Jacob deGrom No. 48

Who are some of the other to wear No. 48 for the Mets? Randy Myers and Aaron Heilman both wore No. 48 for a while before it became associate with deGrom. So far, although someone wore it in Spring Training, No. 48 has not yet been worn by another players since the deGrom left the Mets.

Jacob deGrom was a very special player for the New York Mets. Regardless of the other members of the staff promoted as an “ace,” it was eventually deGrom, the least heralded, to emerge as the Mets absolute ace. No pitcher had ever been so dominant in a Mets uniform, not since the 1985 season of Doc Gooden, and not since the prime of the career of Tom Seaver before that.

deGrom’s won-lost record of 82-57 is truly deceiving of the absolute brilliance he displayed during his nine seasons in a Mets uniform. deGrom pitched to a 2.53 ERA and 0.993 WHIP, while averaging 11.3 strikeouts per nine innings and only two walks.

He won a Rookie of the Year and back-to-back Cy Young Awards, and made four All Star appearances. Oh…he was also a pretty damn good hitter too…more reliable at the plate than some of the position players.

Gooden had a pretty good career and put fans in the seats when he pitched…early in his Mets career. After 1986, Gooden was rather pedestrian. deGrom was the Mets ace for a longer period of time and grew more dominant as he matured. Jake’s No. 48 should hang along with No. 16, No. 36, and, of course, No. 41…as the greatest arms to throw for the New York Mets.