3 Mets who still have time to increase their trade value

The Mets are most likely going to sell at the trade deadline, and these players can get them good value if they continue to play well.
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Brooks Raley's mid season resurgence has put him on teams radars at the trade deadline

After a rough start to his season, Brooks Raley has gone from a negative trade result to one of the Mets best trade assets.

Raley hasn't allowed a run to score since June 17th, and since his return from the IL his ERA has plummeted from 4.76 to 2.14. As the only left handed pitcher in the Mets bullpen for the whole season, Raley has been called upon frequently in crucial spots, and has almost always delivered. Most playoff teams are always in search of bullpen help, and even more so are looking for lefties that can help them with key matchups in October.

Raley is another player that the Mets could probably trade today and get a good return, but another two weeks of great play would really drive up his value. The Mets will continue to use him in high leverage situations regardless, and should consider him for a save situation if the game calls for it, which could also boost his trade stock.

The Brooks Raley trade was one of the few offseason moves that has worked in the Mets favor this season. With the season rapidly slipping away, he might end up being one of the first players they have to move on from as well.