3 Mets who will be off the roster by September 1

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3) Yolmer Sanchez is already a Mets DFA candidate

The Mets picked Yolmer Sanchez up off the waiver wire from the Boston Red Sox as a response to losing Luis Guillorme. The out-of-options veteran infielder won’t see too much action for New York outside of an emergency start at shortstop. Even if Guillorme is unavailable for long, if the team can get Eduardo Escobar back they should be prepared to move on from Sanchez.

This does create one issue for the Mets. Who would replace Francisco Lindor at shortstop even for a little bit of rest? Ronny Mauricio isn’t going to make the leap from the minors to the majors just for some added depth. Sanchez could always get a start before September 1 in place of Lindor a day before the team decides to designate him for assignment.

Helping to give him a chance to stick around a little longer is the fact that Brett Baty hasn’t lit the world on fire. Sanchez is far more flexible defensively. In many ways, he’s the infield version of Travis Jankowski. He’s the ultimate role player who you’re happy to get anything from. If he’s playing regularly, something is probably wrong.

The added roster spot on September 1 does help Sanchez as well. The health of their infielders on the IL will have the most say in whether or not he sticks around. Plus, with an ever-active waiver wire out there as well, the Mets should be constantly checking for outcast upgrades from other teams.