3 Mets who will be off the roster by September 1

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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2) Connor Grey is a fresh arm that won’t stay on the Mets roster

Connor Grey got the promotion for the Mets in what is essentially a revolving door spot on the roster. He is one of only two relief pitchers on the team with minor league options. The other, Seth Lugo, isn’t going to get demoted. Grey, regardless of how he pitches, will.

The schedule has worked out well for the Mets in this final week of August. They have an off-day Wednesday before playing four at home against the Colorado Rockies. They get another day off on Monday before they play the Los Angeles Dodgers for three. It’s in the final game against Los Angeles when September 1 hits and Grey will be long gone.

Exactly how the Mets use this roster spot will depending on a couple of things. Is Tylor Megill back? How many other arms have gotten hurt in the meantime?

The days off will help the Mets keep the bullpen a little fresher and allow them to maybe even carry just four starters. This means David Peterson stays in Triple-A. He could be a candidate to start for the Mets against the Rockies. It will really depend on how much extra rest they may want to give some of their veterans.

One guarantee: Grey is going back to Syracuse very soon.