3 Mets players who won’t be on the roster by May 1

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
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2) NY Mets reliever Denyi Reyes will be gone by May 1

Denyi Reyes has tossed 3 shutout innings for the Mets this year. It’s promising. His ability to start (although we’ll never want to see it happen until after the team clinches a division) is useful, too.

Reyes does have options which helps him stick with the organization. His presence on the major league roster does feel temporary. He was promoted when Tommy Hunter landed on the IL. The Mets could decide to send him back down in favor of a fresh arm. They have yet to take advantage of his multi-inning use. He has 3 innings in 3 appearances.

Nobody is giving Reyes any sort of permanency on this Mets roster. He could earn it. A bit may depend on the health of Elieser Hernandez who appeared to originally be a guy the club would use as the long-man out of the bullpen. An injury before the year began took away that opportunity.

Over the next few weeks, after you’ve already seen you owe the IRS and have had a few conversations about how complicated taxes are for no reason at all, Reyes may be able to sneak his way into May. His presence is only partly performance based. He should keep his 40-man roster spot. He won’t be among the 26 moving forward.