3 Mets who are bigger franchise icons if the team wins the 1988 World Series

A championship in 1988 would have elevated the way we think about these three players.
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The 1988 New York Mets were possibly the best team in club history to not win a World Series. Only the 2022 Mets won more games without a parade at the end. This 100-win ball club won the National League East then fell short in the NLCS with a Game 7 loss versus the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Instead of creating a dynasty, the 1988 Mets season ended in sorrow. What if things went differently?

A championship in 1988 would have undoubtedly created a whole new batch of Mets icons. The fallout would have expanded further. At the very least, we’d think of these three players differently.

1) David Cone

Nobody had a better year on the mound for the 1988 Mets. David Cone’s breakout season remains one of the best in franchise history. Awarded a third-place finish in the Cy Young and tenth in the MVP for his 1988 performance, Cone a budding superstar pitcher whose 20-3 record and 2.22 ERA stood tall.

Cone would never quite match some of those numbers while still leading the league in strikeouts twice more during his time in Queens. If not for a .500 record in 1991, he probably would have received some more significant Cy Young consideration. He would’ve had another chance in 1992 if not traded to the American League where he’d help the Toronto Blue Jays win a World Series.

Cone's time with the Mets was brief and because of how much he accomplished later in his career, particularly with the New York Yankees, he's not thought of as a pure Met through and through. He played quite a bit more with the Mets than Yankees but the multiple championships and perfect game changed the perception. The fact that he is a broadcaster for them as well seems to lead to the same conclusion.

Things could’ve been very different if the 1988 Mets were a championship club.