3 Mets who've already won a roster spot for next year thanks to their September performance

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As the New York Mets 2023 season comes to a disappointing close, this month of September for the Mets is all about seeing what you have on your team right now for next season. And despite the down year we have seen out of New York, there still have been some bright spots on this club during the last several weeks of the season.

While the Mets may look a bit different next season, there's still hope to believe that they may be in for a bounce-back season in 2024 thanks to these players' September performance.

1) DJ Stewart has earned his NY Mets roster spot for next year

Is this really a surprise? Ever since DJ Stewart got called up from Syracuse in July, he has proven to be a big-time power bat and great with the glove in the outfield. There can definitely be a scenario in which he can be on the Mets roster in 2024. People are also forgetting that he was a first-round selection by the Baltimore Orioles in 2015 and it looks like, after several years, Stewart is proving why he was a high draft pick.

After not hitting much for Baltimore and not getting many opportunities for them over the last few years, he's been just a welcoming surprise in a Mets uniform. Stewart is hitting .264 on the season with 11 long balls and 26 RBI. Stewart has also looked impressive playing right field in the absence of Starling Marte. He's also had a nice month of September so far hitting two long balls with eight runs batted during the month.

There can definitely be a chance we see Stewart playing either at the designated hitter position or in the outfield too. Stewart thanks to his good month of September so far and his great season all together in a Mets uniform has exceeded expectations and deserves a spot on the Mets roster in 2024.