3 Mets players who will have to earn our trust in 2024

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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3. Mark Vientos

Just like Baty, Mark Vientos is also one of the "Baby Mets" and is looking to prove that he belongs in the big leagues for the long haul. Despite the reports that the Mets are interested in Jorge Soler and JD Martinez for their designated hitter position, don't be surprised if the Mets shift Vientos to that role if they don't land Soler or Martinez. And if that's the case, Vientos needs to step up.

Vientos has yet to play north of 100 games in the majors but this season he might. In 2023 he saw the most playing in his young career as he played in 65 games. In those 65 games, Vientos slashed a batting average of just about .210 at .211 and only had 36 base hits in his 218 at-bats. Vientos also only drove in 22 runs but did have nine home runs. But just like Baty strikeouts were a problem with Vientos as he had 71.

We expect to see a lot of Vientos this season and there are for sure some Mets fans that have some questions about Vientos being an everyday hitter in the Mets lineup. We will see how Vientos plays at the start of Spring Training, but just like his fellow "Baby Met" Brett Baty, Vientos needs to earn trust this season.