The next 3 Mets players who could be DFA'd after the team parts with Omar Narvaez

These three out of options Mets players could be the next to follow Omar Narvaez into DFA limbo.
San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
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3) Sean Reid-Foley

Sean Reid-Foley has inched closer to getting designated for assignment but he remains a bit more distant than the two others on this list. Taking the loss in extra innings versus the San Francisco Giants and then nearly blowing a game versus the Arizona Diamondbacks should have SRF on notice. His inability to find the strike zone at times has been a huge issue. Despite the 2.25 ERA, he has allowed a bunch of unearned runs—5 against the Giants, in fact.

Once awesome strikeout numbers have fallen off in recent outings with walks taking over the narrative. While certainly in some danger, the Mets have opened up enough other roster spots where they can demote and promote fresher relief pitchers.

Reid-Foley has proven many of his doubters wrong, but some struggles of late could have the “I told you so” police coming out in full force.

For those curious, Jose Quintana was a consideration for this list. However, he has a few more spots to fall on the depth chart. First a move to the bullpen will need to take place. Secondly, suffering with him and seeing if they can get anything closer to the trade deadline is probably the wiser move. He has been good at times. Even a lesser Quintana is more valuable to other teams than a struggling reliever like Reid-Foley.