The next 3 Mets players who could be DFA'd after the team parts with Omar Narvaez

These three out of options Mets players could be the next to follow Omar Narvaez into DFA limbo.
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2) Luis Torrens

The Abe Simpson GIF applies to Luis Torrens. A newcomer to the Mets, he won’t last long. Out of options, Torrens is only with the Mets for however long they remain without Francisco Alvarez. Maybe he’ll get a big moment before he goes.

Torrens came to the Mets via trade with the New York Yankees and some solid numbers in Triple-A. The .279/.339/.468 slash line with 5 home runs and 19 RBI probably won’t translate into much big league success. And even if he did somehow end up with some big hits in a short period, it’s hard to see the Mets buying in and choosing him over Tomas Nido as the backup moving forward.

Acquiring Torrens probably had a lot to do with the performance of their minor league options. Hayden Senger, while a fine defender, isn’t a major league quality hitter. Joe Hudson, whom they picked up in a trade with the Chicago Cubs, isn’t much better if at all. Strategically, the Mets likely wanted to keep the 40-man roster spot open rather than toss those two aside. Torrens won’t be in high-demand on the waiver wire. Even if someone bites, it’s not a major loss.

Enjoy anything Torrens may offer the Mets. Keep him in mind for future games of Immaculate Grid.