3 Mets players who need to be demoted or DFA'd immediately

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2) Tommy Hunter's Mets experiment came to an end

In the last two seasons, Tommy Hunter racked up 22 games with the Mets limiting the opposition to hitting below .230 and establishing himself as a reliable reliever when showing health. This 2023 Hunter has been practically dead.

Tommy Hunter's 2023 ERA is the highest since his MLB debut in 2008. His dominance on the mound has diminished tremendously, reducing his strikeout percentage by nearly five points.

Hunter has lost speed on his sinker and cutter, his two main pitches, which he uses 70% of the time. On the other hand, despite allowing fewer hard hits, they are hitting him more, which has raised his BABIP this season.

Buck Showalter's strategy this year has been to use his starters fewer innings and rely more on his bullpen. This move requires reliable arms in a bullpen that lacks its main weapon for the season, Edwin Diaz.

Unfortunately, Hunter does not have more minor-league options. The Mets have no choice but to designate him for assignment. By making this move, the Mets will create space on the roster to add another arm to an overused bullpen.

The experiment with Tommy Hunter cannot continue waiting for it to show positive results. The Mets have the option of bringing up a well-known arm like Jose Butto or call up Grant Hartwig who has the best slider among the Mets' pitching prospects.