3 most important Mets players we should already be concerned about for next season

A down year from these Mets players should have us concerned about them in 2024.
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Many New York Mets fans have already turned their attention to next year. How sad is this? It’s August and the team with a record-setting payroll is out of it, partly by choice but more so because of the poor play on the field.

The “there’s always next year” mantra isn’t the most palatable to accept. With this team and the amount of improvements they need in certain areas, we should have concerns.

The Mets won’t look entirely different from this year to the next. That’s both a good and a bad thing because there are at least three very important Mets players under contract for next season in major roles who’ve already given us some reasons to be concerned.

1) NY Mets outfielder Starling Marte has been hurt and looks disinterested at times

Starling Marte doesn’t necessarily get a pass this season for how he has played. He doesn’t get an excuse either. Let’s refer to the injuries, the migraines, and everything else that has gone wrong as an explanation.

We knew Marte’s four-year contract wouldn’t have a happy ending. Who would’ve thought it would begin to taste so sour by year two? He has aged quickly. The power isn’t there. The defense has declined. At times, Marte doesn’t even look interested.

Throughout the 2022 season, Marte was one of the Mets players always “on the go.” He was a non-leadoff hitter spark at the top, middle, and closer to the bottom of the order. Adding his speed onto a roster without much of it on the base paths seemed like the correct move to make in the offseason. We were thankful and now there’s a whole lot of uncertainty.

Is Marte an overpriced corner outfielder with declining defense abilities who’ll hit only singles? Cross your fingers for a restful and healthy offseason. Otherwise, these concerns will be back.