3 Mets players with the biggest health concerns going into the 2024 season

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3) Edwin Diaz

All Mets fans know what happened to our star closer last season during the World Baseball Classic, and we all know as we look towards 2024 that at this time that incident is not worth revisiting. However, Diaz's progress this spring and as the season rolls along in regards to his health will need to be monitored.

Diaz did a remarkable job rehabbing his torn patellar tendon last season, as there were talks of him even potentially getting into game action at some point late in the season, which ultimately never came to fruition. In turn, when pitchers and catchers report, there may not be more eyes on one single pitcher than Edwin Diaz.

Coming off of surgery on a serious knee injury it'll be pertinent to watch early on in Spring Training when Diaz gets back into game action on how comfortable he looks on the mound. The Mets will be depending heavily on Diaz in a newly reconstructed bullpen, and if Diaz's performance suffers early on due to any lingering effects from the surgery or his injury, this year's team will be in big trouble.

The Mets will be heavily dependent on all of these players to perform to their capabilities, as well as counting on their health holding up over the course of a full season. If all three players are able to stay healthy in 2024, the Mets will be in a much better position to make the playoffs than they were last season.