3 Mets players with the biggest health concerns going into the 2024 season

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The New York Mets were no stranger to the injury bug during the 2023 season, which has left some concern from fans when it comes to certain players that are currently on the 2024 roster. While we can always hope for the best, most Mets fans are always prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Between players from last season's squad as well as an addition this offseason, there are legitimate concerns about whether we can expect the type of impact on the field that we are accustomed to seeing from each of these players. If all three of these players stay healthy over the course of a 162-game season, the Mets may be in better shape than we think.

1) Starling Marte

The most obvious candidate on the Mets' current roster that has major question marks surrounding him is outfielder Starling Marte. Marte, who is now 35 years of age, is coming off an injury-riddled 2023 campaign that even forced him to withdraw from the World Baseball Classic last spring. After only playing in 86 games, while struggling with many career-low statistics, the Mets are counting on a bounce-back season from Marte.

Marte has been participating in Winter Ball in his native Dominican Republic as he looks to ramp up activity before Spring Training gets underway next month. It's almost imperative to say that a significant part of the Mets' success this season, depends on Sterling Marte's health and performance in 2024.

Marte was a huge part of the Mets' success back in 2022 and the offense never really gelled in 2023 with him in and out of the lineup at various points of the season. While we shouldn't expect an All-Star season out of Marte, if he can get back to his previous form and play anywhere between 140-150 games this season, the Mets offense will be in great shape.