3 Mets overreactions from April you're not wrong to feel

You're not wrong if your heart tells you the Mets should make any of these three overreactive moves.
Apr 16, 2024; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets third baseman Joey Wendle (13) watches his
Apr 16, 2024; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets third baseman Joey Wendle (13) watches his / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Overreactions are needed in fandom and with April now over, New York Mets fans have had a full 30 days of feeling extremes. The team battled back to get over .500 and sunk down below it. Are they better than an even record or right there? The difference for this team may end up being just a handful of games.

The team has now put 29 games in the books entering May. What types of player overreactions have you had? If any of these three apply, you’re not wrong.

1) Mets overreaction you're not wrong to feel: Joey Wendle should be DFA’d

The Mets have been quick to execute players from the 26-man roster in ways we couldn’t have predicted. Zack Short was the first of the position players to see himself cut from the roster. This was easy to predict as his presence from Opening Day was a surprise in itself.

His veteran clone, Joey Wendle, remains with the team in part because the Mets don’t have a whole lot else they can do right now. Getting paid $2 million this year to supposedly help them with defense, mostly at third base, his recent miscue on Monday night seemed to be the last straw for many fans.

Studying the above video, some might conclude Wendle could have rolled the ball home and gotten the runner out.

In 25 chances at the plate, Wendle has batted .250/280/.292. This might not be a case of numbers looking sour because it’s early. In over 300 trips to the plate last year with the Miami Marlins, Wendle hit .212/.248/.306. Three errors already this year on top of it and it’s easy to understand why fans are fed up.

You’re not wrong to want Wendle gone. Because he is new to the team and making more than league minimum, his leash is a little longer than many would like it to be.