3 Pirates players the Mets should already be scouting for a trade

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NY Mets Trade Target: David Bednar

In addition to starting rotation help, the Mets are in need of some bullpen help. Unlike the rotation that needs the help due to injuries, the bullpen is just the weak spot on the Mets roster, and could use at least one reinforcement.

One potential reinforcement the team could add is David Bednar, the closer for the Pirates. The 27-year-old right-handed reliever is in only his second full big league season and broke out last year in his first full season, and his first season with the Pirates.

After struggling in his few appearances as a Padre in 2019 and 2020, Bednar appears to have settled in at the Major League level. Last season he went 3-1 with a 2.23 ERA in 60.2 innings, while registering an 11.4 Strikeout/ 9 innings. While he wasn't the closer for Pittsburgh, he established himself as a trustworthy arm in their bullpen, and earned the closer job this season.

Now entrenched as the closer, and top arm out of the bullpen for the Pirates, Bednar has been even better than last season. Not only has he proven he was not a fluke last season, but he has also proven that he can go multiple innings, and save games.

As a result, he will be the most sought after trade piece on the Pirates ahead of the Trade Deadline. Combining his age, salary, and the fact that teams always need relievers at the Deadline, and it's easy to see why he will be an expensive trade piece, who will be highly sought after. While the price could be too rich for the Mets, the team should absolutely be in the bidding, and should acquire him if the price is right.