3 Opening Day stories fans will be talking about tomorrow

Oct 1, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Tylor Megill (38) before a game
Oct 1, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Tylor Megill (38) before a game / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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It’s Opening Day for the New York Mets! After a long offseason where not much really happened for more than three months, it’s nice to have baseball again.

Opening Day is an unofficial spring holiday that signals the return of sunshine, warmth, and baseballs flying out of the ballpark. The Mets open their 2022 journey against the Washington Nationals. When we all meet at our virtual water coolers after game one, what will everyone be talking about?

How did Mets starting pitcher Tylor Megill perform?

Tylor Megill is going to be a major story from Opening Day whether he goes an inning or tosses a perfect game—I doubt he does either. Named the Opening Day starter out of necessity due to injuries, he’s a young pitcher with a fantastic story.

A year ago, most Mets fans had no idea who he was. He wasn’t a top prospect in the system. Somehow, by pitching well and getting lucky with some openings on the big league roster, he was able to make the leap to the majors.

Two weeks ago, if you saw Megill on your Mets Opening Day bingo card, you’d hope it was a mistake. Now, Mets fans are embracing the sophomore starter. What else can we do?

The Mets should hope to get four solid innings from him to start the year. I know it’s low. I know your grandfather probably feels a sense of disgust at the thought of a starting pitcher only lasting four frames. With everyone else well-rested in the bullpen plus an extra arm, there’s no need to push him harder than they need to.

My prediction for Megill: four innings and two runs against him. He won’t get the win but he leaves the game with the lead.