Ranking 3 minor leaguers that can take Joey Wendle's roster spot

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While there have been many gripes among New York Mets fans about certain aspects of the team this season, one common denominator among the fanbase has been a large group of fans calling for Joey Wendle's replacement. While Wendle hasn't been a major problem for the team and he had himself a nice night at the plate last night, some costly mistakes defensively, as well as not producing as much as hoped off the bench offensively, has placed him firmly on the hot seat for Mets fans.

The Mets do have some suitable replacements in the minor leagues that could potentially take Wendle's roster spot should the front office decide to move in another direction with his spot off of the bench. I wanted to take a look at three potential candidates in the order of least likely to most likely, in terms of players that could make the most sense should David Stearns decide to poach a utility player from Triple-A Syracuse.

3) Luisangel Acuna

If the front office really wanted to make a splash and shake up the roster, the Mets could bring up their much-heralded prospect in Luisangel Acuna. Acuna has experience playing all around the infield and he could provide fans with an earlier-than-expected glimpse of the future in Queens.

Many fans and members of the front office alike view Acuna as the Mets' second baseman of the future. After an impressive showing in Spring Training, fans have been keeping an eye on his nightly box score numbers down in Syracuse, especially with Acuna being considered the face of the new wave of talent coming through the pipeline over the next several years.

However, this option seems like the least likely of the three options, as Acuna has not put up strong numbers offensively to this point in the season down in Syracuse. At only 22 years old he still has plenty of time to figure it out, but right now the timing may not be right for a potential call-up. It's also important for Acuna to get as many at-bats as possible down in Syracuse to continue his development, as there is no direct shot to consistent playing time on the Mets roster currently.