3 minor league free agent deals the Mets should consider for DH insurance

There's nothing to lose with a minor league deal.
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2) Brad Miller

Brad Miller is an interesting free agent. He was a fantastic hitter in a part-time role for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2019 and again in 2021. Extremely popular with the fans as well, he spent the last two years with the Texas Rangers being much less of a power-hitting utility man and more of a DH who didn’t hit much at all. He batted a combined .212/.282/.324 in his two seasons with the Rangers.

In the right situation, probably one where he suddenly gets hot and can play every day, Miller has the potential to take off. Now 34, he could be on his last leg in Major League Baseball. He can play a variety of positions, but not very well.

Would another team actually offer Miller a MLB contract? It’s hard to see why anyone would view him as worth much more than a minor league deal. He is certainly capable of getting back to the majors, though. Smashing 20 home runs in 2021 albeit with only a .227 batting average stands out.

Miller would probably still fall behind Winker on the list of players David Stearns would want to take a chance on. A few more years advanced, he’s less of a guy likely to bounce back and more of one who may simply be ready to fade before retirement.