3 Mets injury concerns they should have on their mind at the trade deadline

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3) NY Mets could buy a catcher if James McCann isn’t better

Catcher James McCann has handed over the starting role to Tomas Nido this year if only because of how much time he has missed. Upgrading the catcher spot has been something many Mets fans have dreamed of. At this year’s trade deadline, a deal for Willson Contreras would be the biggest swing for the fences the front office could possibly make.

Is it realistic? The hefty price tag on the Chicago Cubs All-Star catcher might make him too expensive for what the Mets are willing to give up. Their only chance might be a limited market of teams looking to add at the catcher spot.

Then comes the possibility of Contreras working poorly with the Mets pitchers. It’s an upgrade to think about but not so necessary. The Mets can survive with any weak-hitting duo they have available behind the plate. As long as they can play the position well, most fans will accept the .200 batting average and occasional RBI.

McCann’s injury should, however, push the Mets a little harder to look at reaching a little higher for an improved offense. Knowing the chances of bettering this spot in the lineup is slim, they need to do everything they can to make the DH they do trade for as talented as possible.

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