3 Mets injury concerns they should have on their mind at the trade deadline

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
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2) NY Mets might want to add outfield depth because of Starling Marte

Outfield depth for the Mets is being tested. Khalil Lee and Nick Plummer weren’t able to stick on the major league roster. For most of the year, the Mets have carried a limited number of outfielders with Jeff McNeil supplying them with a lot of innings over in left field whenever needed.

The Mets have also carried Ender Inciarte and Travis Jankowski on their roster. Two similar players in the way that if you get anything from them offensively it’s a bonus, they’re cut more from the cloth of the 26th man on the roster than anything else. Starting either regularly could be a problem.

One thing the Mets haven’t done much this year is move Eduardo Escobar around. He has been implanted at third base. His ability to play second base hasn’t been needed in part because of how well Luis Guillorme has performed behind Jeff McNeil.

When it comes to Starling Marte, the club’s starting right fielder, injuries should be a concern. He routinely has a lingering injury this season. Due to his age and the way he has played in his career, he could be breaking down quickly.

The Mets are a lot weaker in a couple of ways without Marte. Defense and/or offense is sacrificed. In their search for a DH ahead of the trade deadline, someone that can mash and play a serviceable corner outfield might be a big consideration.