3 harsh realities the Mets will have to overcome this year

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Mets
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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The roster of the New York Mets is good. I don't think that's a controversial take, but a good roster does not a good team make. I believe Confucius said that. That's no slight on Buck Showalter, rather an acknowledgment that this Mets team has some glaring weaknesses that have held it back from looking like a top contender. If the Mets want to reach their full potential, then accepting, and more importantly, fixing, these harsh realities are of paramount importance.

1) The Mets lineup doesn't have enough power.

Pete Alonso is a one-man fireworks display. The Polar Bear has hit 20 home runs through the team's first 53 games, a 61-bomb pace that easily leads the league. Subtract Alonso's Maris-like performance, though, and the team comes up woefully short in the power department, an issue that could haunt them before the season is done.

Heading into Sunday, the Mets were tied for 15th in the league in home runs, while slotting in at 19th in slugging. Not an embarrassment by any means, but without Alonso the team would be tied for 28th in four-baggers with the light-hitting Reds.

The emergence of Francisco Alvarez in recent weeks has been an enormous boon to the Mets' power numbers, but there is more work to be done if the lineup is to be truly feared. Other than Ronny Mauricio, all of the "Baby Mets" are on the major league roster now. Bringing up the dynamic infielder and his seven home runs is one answer Mets fans hope to see soon, but a smart trade for a big bat could really make a difference.