3 low-cost Mets free agent signings whose salaries the team shouldn't be afraid to eat

There is no justification to keep these free agent additions around if they fail to perform.
Detroit Tigers v New York Mets - Game Two
Detroit Tigers v New York Mets - Game Two / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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During the offseason, the New York Mets spent like sober sailors hoping to retire before age 60. Short contracts, many on the lower side among MLB averages, helped fill out the roster. 

Nothing added to the team this offseason can be considered burdensome. In fact, three of the MLB signings are so affordable that each player should be on a short leash to begin the year.

A midseason or earlier bloodletting where the team releases players signed to major league contracts isn’t outrageous. The Philadelphia Phillies got rid of Didi Gregorius, Jeurys Familia, and Odubel Herrera at the 2022 trade deadline and ate the remainder of their contracts. The Mets have even less to pay if any of these guys fail to perform.

1) Joey Wendle

I do like the Joey Wendle addition even if his contract ended up a little higher than what the Detroit Tigers paid Gio Urshela. It's not worth griping about too extensively. Wendle is still cheap enough where the Mets can replace him if the performance isn't meeting expectations.

Wendle will assume the role held by Luis Guillorme as the roving utility infielder with a light bat. Wendle started regularly for the Miami Marlins over the last two seasons but quickly declined from the numbers he put up with the Tampa Bay Rays. Maybe it’s not just pitchers they work their potions on.

An obvious replacement for Wendle is already on the roster. If Zack Short proves to be more than a temporary waiver wire pickup, he’d be the one to take over. Having both on the team for a long period of time could quickly become redundant. Both gifted defenders who play a multitude of positions, if the team needed something else on the bench it might be time to cut one of them.