3 free agent fits the Mets shouldn’t touch with a 39 and a half inch pole

Avoid these free agents like they're about to steal Christmas.
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You’re a mean one, New York Mets roster. Still with three major vacancies without even exploring all of the questions in the bullpen, it’s hard to imagine we end up getting all of the players we’d like to fill them.

MLB free agency has moved along slowly with many great fits for each of the spots the Mets have open. What about those other players who live atop Whoville?

Excluding some of those obvious available names you might see people mention on social media to get a reaction, these three others are easy “nos.” The Mets should avoid them like the Grinch.

1) Mike Clevinger

Mike Clevinger is a distraction the Mets don’t need. Although in a different category than the players who were put on administrative leave by MLB in 2023 because the investigation into him didn’t lead to a punishment, we can make a case to pass on Clevinger for what he does on the field, too.

Clevinger actually did have a good season with the Chicago White Sox last year, going 9-9 with a 3.77 ERA. The $4 million buyout was exercised by the White Sox leading to his free agency for the second consecutive year.

A bit of an enigma throughout his career, Clevinger was one of many pitchers Cleveland developed well only to see other issues get in the way of their path toward stardom. Let’s treat some of those others like Voldemort and not name them.

Clevinger is already 33 and with a track record of not staying healthy, feels like an unnecessary addition to the Mets roster when we add in the public relations hit. There are some things more important than trying to assemble a winning baseball team. Integrity. Justice. Let’s not muddy any waters.

The Mets need pitching. Clevinger isn’t the guy to get.