3 former Blue Jays who could reunite with Mets bench coach John Gibbons

A reunion of the 2018 Blue Jays in Queens.
Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays
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3) Gio Urshela

Before Gio Urshela was the Gio Urshela Mets fans saw the New York Yankees drool over, he was well on his way to becoming a journeyman infielder. He may be nearing that point of his career again. However, those strong seasons in the Bronx add hope of a return to some glory.

Urshela was only in Toronto for a year and appeared in just 19 games. Cast-off from Cleveland, it was a temporary stop in his career before he exploded in 2019 with the Yankees.

We’ve all come to realize what happened in 2019 with offense won’t happen again for most players. Urshela still had some favorable numbers since, including a very productive season with the Minnesota Twins in 2022 and a promising yet shortened due to injury campaign last year with the Los Angeles Angels.

Conceivably, the Mets could sign all three of these ex-Blue Jays. Hernandez is your DH. Gurriel is your left fielder. Urshela is your backup infielder and a safety net at third base. The likelihood of all three coming to the Mets is slim, particularly with how vacant the bullpen is.

Free agency does offer a few more ex-Blue Jays from the 2018 season as well. Randal Grichuk and former Mets reliever Aaron Loup are both available. Oh, and there’s Marcus Stroman, too. There’s probably a better chance of the Mets signing the other five before he comes back.