These 3 Mets decisions led to the team's season spiraling out of control

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3) Third NY Mets poor decision: Mismangement of Daniel Vogelbach

I should preface that Daniel Vogelbach in no way is the sole reason why the Mets are where they are, but his lack of production out of his spot in the lineup which is reserved for one of your most consistent bats hurt the Mets. Vogelbach consistently struggled to put the ball in play as the vast majority of the time he went down looking at strike three, and he was consistently put in the middle of the Mets lineup.

Meanwhile, the Mets chose to sit red-hot prospect Mark Vientos for Vogelbach in the DH position multiple times, which never allowed Vientos to get into any type of rhythm while Vogelbach continued to struggle at the plate. The Mets' refusal to sit Vogelbach while Mets fans watched other teams' young talent bloom upon their call-ups would send Mets Twitter into a frenzy on a nightly basis.

The Mets also chose to give Vogelbach a mental reset for about a week, but instead of placing him on the injured list to give him time to clear his head, the Mets played short-handed on the bench for multiple nights. It made no sense for a team that was already struggling to keep one of their ineffective players' on the bench unavailable for numerous days whit the inability to fill that spot with somebody who was capable of playing.

Vogelbach hasn't been the best fit for this season's roster, but for some reason, he continues to hit behind Pete Alonso in the lineup, as well as play every day which has hurt the Mets more than helped in regards to their lineup construction.