These 3 Mets decisions led to the team's season spiraling out of control

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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2) Second NY Mets poor decision: Buck Showalter's in-game managing

This could be categorized as decisions rather than the word decision with the amount of in-game mismanagement we have seen this season. While I believe the front office is to blame for the vast majority of the Mets' failures this season, Manager Buck Showalter is not completely at fault either. Last season it seemed like whichever move Buck Showalter made during the course of the game, it always worked out brilliantly for the Mets, while this season it has been the complete opposite of that.

Whether it has been his bullpen management, or pulling the Mets rookies to be pinch-hit for during the middle of the game, many of his moves have left Mets fans scratching their heads consistently as they almost always go against the Mets. There are also times he will use 3 players for one substitution which then immediately depletes the Mets bench.

For example, he will pinch-hit for Brett Baty with a player like Daniel Vogelbach and if Vogelbach gets on base he has to use a pinch-runner such as Luis Guillorme on the base paths. It just gets to the point where it seems like we are overthinking strategy rather than just letting Baty hit for himself in that position.

The constant in-game mismanagement has been the primary reason many Mets fans have been calling for Showalter's firing this season as it seems the Mets play themselves into more and more losses by the moves they make, especially out of the bullpen as well. The Mets completely blew a game in Philadelphia a week ago by not bringing in their best relievers to shut the game down and brought in many back-end bullpen options that completely imploded.

Unless this ship turns around somehow someway in the coming days and weeks, it's fair to wonder if Showalter will be brought back next season after the number of terrible decisions that cost the Mets games in June.