3 Cubs players the Mets should already be scouting for a trade

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NY Mets Trade Target: David Robertson

Another player on the Cubs who could be of interest to the Mets is David Robertson. Robertson was one of the better relievers in all of baseball for the majority of his career, but since 2018 he had not been the same pitcher, and it appeared that age had began to catch up with him.

However, Robertson joined the Cubs this offseason, and not only has he excelled early on in the season, he has been named to closer for the Cubs, and has been the best reliever in their bullpen. Robertson is now 37 years old, but he has playoff experience, and experience pitching in several different roles in a bullpen.

Combine his age, experience and his resurgence on the mound, and it's easy to see why Robertson is an ideal trade piece for the rebuilding Cubs. As an older reliever who hasn't pitched this well over the last few years, Robertson may not bring in a ton of value for the Cubs, but they can definitely get something back for him. It's also possible that they package him in a Contreras trade to ensure they maximize their return in that deal.

Whether or not Robertson can maintain his success this year remains to be seen, but if he can he will continue to build his trade value, and he could be a strong addition to the Mets' bullpen, which is in need of a reinforcement.