3 changes to the Mets we shouldn't expect under David Stearns

David Stearns will change a few things about the Mets but these areas should remain the same.
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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2) NY Mets will stick with spending lots of money under David Stearns

Stearns is going from the Milwaukee Brewers to the Mets and it must feel like wearing a Louis Vuitton after years of having the most stylish knockoff. The Brewers haven’t been completely reluctant at spending money, but the change in market size and length Steve Cohen goes to increase the payroll is going to feel a lot different for Stearns who probably feels a little more hamstrung with the budget than he will moving forward.

We shouldn’t expect the Mets to break their 2023 payroll record next season. Nor should they remain as the most expensive roster in the game. Stearns’ mission will involve clever moves. A successful $200 million team is something to get more familiar with in the first years of his stay.

The ability to spend on free agents, extend your own young stars, and send failing veterans elsewhere for prospects is a dangerous weapon. Cohen put a ton of trust into Billy Eppler. He’s undoubtedly going to give Stearns as much faith to begin.

The Stearns-run Mets won’t always make the biggest offers. They might not even get involved with every free agent fit. They’ll be among those high-spending teams for sure. Just don’t prepare for every free agent of your dream to come true.