3 Mets to blame most for their embarrassing sweep against the Brewers

The Mets are 0-3 and we have some people to blame.

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets / Christopher Pasatieri/GettyImages
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Before the New York Mets even got to their season finale on Easter, we knew they were going to lose the first series of the 2024 season. Don’t panic yet. There’s a lot of baseball left. Mets players still have the “there are still X amount of games left” to turn to. 

Now 0-3 following an embarrassing weekend, the team needs to find a way to move on. First, we blame some Mets.

1) Luis Severino

Maybe spring training statistics don’t matter after all. Luis Severino seems to fit this description. In his outing on Saturday, Sevy made us all forget about his 2 earned runs in 14 innings in the preseason. He allowed 6 in 5 to the Brewers with the only real bonus being that he managed to get through 5 full frames.

The fanfare of the Mets signing Severino has already taken a hit. A debatable free agent signing in the offseason, many (I’ll attest to this) bought into the Mets fixing him. Three runs in the first innings with what could’ve easily been declared an error by Zack Short at third base started off his career with the Mets on the wrong note. It was the equivalent of instead of playing Ode to Joy he smashed his face into the keys and blew a raspberry.

Unfortunately, it was a fifth inning balk with of all people Rhys Hoskins standing on third base which would do the most unforgivable damage. If not for that run, the Mets would have conceivably tied up the game although there’s no guarantee things would’ve gone the same way otherwise.