3 big MLB trade deadline candidates the Mets won't come close to acquiring

The asking price for these three would flatten the Mets farm.
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2) Garrett Crochet

Don’t buy into any speculation about the Mets pursuing Chicago White Sox starter Garrett Crochet. He’s doing Mason Miller types of things but as a starting pitcher. His value has skyrocketed this season. He made the opposite transition than Miller. Before this season, Crochet had only ever pitched in the big leagues as a reliever. Now, through 18 starts, Crochet leads the league with 141 strikeouts in 101.1 innings. Doing this on the worst team in baseball makes it laughable.

Crochet is an amazing talent who skipped right to the big leagues in 2020 after getting drafted 11th overall. He’d miss all of 2022 because of Tommy John surgery only to return for 25 innings in 2023 split between the minors and majors.

The White Sox took a cautionary approach with Crochet despite the quick acceleration to the majors. It’s impossible to disagree with the decision. The man is a strikeout machine. With just 20 walks this season, his command is as on-point as it gets.

This summer would be the time for the White Sox to capitalize on trading Crochet if they have intentions of rebuilding. He’s already a free agent after two more seasons. While a dream addition to the Mets rotation, the fact that they’re looking to subtract a starter from the roster doesn’t seem to indicate they’d add one of such prominence. What’s more, Crochet is going to come with an unfathomable price tag. Two of the top five Mets prospects is where it starts.